We adopted Jerry in November and wanted to let you know he has settled in nicely to our home. Jerry is very social and loving. He visited our vet today for his boosters and she said he is doing great. He also hasnt had any issues with his eye since being with us. 

Jerry is usually found in the same room as the family or curled up for a nap in one of the kids beds. Jerry loves to play with our dog Charlie and they make a joyus ruckus chasing each other through the house. Lillian (4) and Dennis (2) are in love with Jerry and always want to play with him and Charlie. Jerry is wonderful with the kids and always plays nice. Jerry has become quite attached to me (mom) and follows me from room to room or snuggles up on the couch. Dad has grown to love him too, he often comments on how cute he is. We’ve included a few pictures and just wanted to let you know that adopting Jerry has worked out wonderfully for our family. It is like he has always been with us.