My chocolate point siamese male cat, Ramen is missing. He is neutered, micro chipped and still has his claws. He is not wearing a collar. 3 years old. Classic siamese with the slimmer features. Has a tiny chunk out of his right ear. Bluest eyes you’ll ever see. You cant miss him. Please if anyone picked him up between the evening of July 2 and morning of July 3, please bring him back. His twin brother is lost without him and so is the rest of our family. He is an indoor only cat and possibly snuck out. If you are in the area, please look out for him. Windsor Crescent/royal manor dr./ dorchester road in Niagara Falls. We live right behind the new millennium trail. Look in your garages and yards. He is scared and may be in hiding. Contact Sylvia 289-501-6246 or Jason 905-380-6980. Thank you