Donating his time to the Humane Society

Brandon Boone, a lifelong resident of the Niagara Region, former vice-president of the Niagara Falls Humane Society and senior partner at the law firm Daniel & Partners LLP in St. Catharines

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Mega Adoption Event at Pet Valu Vansickle in St.Catharines.

Mega Adoption Event at Pet Valu Vansickle in St.Catharines.
The event will run from April 25-28. The kick off will be a Rescue Rodeo with 10 groomers competing.

Help the animals at the shelter by sponsoring a Cage -$25/mo or Kennel- $50/mo.

Thank you to our current sponsors:

  • Judy Vent

  • Westmount School

  • Casino Niagara Sunrise Table Games Crew

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Making 2019 A Great Year for SPCA

Officially as of December 1st, 2018 the Welland SPCA and the Niagara Falls Humane Society have become the Niagara SPCA and Humane Society!

Crowding the Driver | Dogs on Drivers Laps Is A Bad Idea | Welland SPCA

You see it all the time. A little dog sitting on the drivers lap with his head out the window and you ask yourself, what would happen if the airbag deployed right now? We interviewed a veterinarian, a retired medical doctor, and a police officer about the potential consequences from their own professional point of view. Thanks to Ontario Provincial Police Highway Safety Division, Dr. Magee and our own Dr. Carol for helping us with this message! Shout out to Center For Pet Safety for helping with video footage.

Feature Pet: May

May is aproximately 2-3 years old. She was found in the constuction site and the builders said she had always been there so we suppose she had been born in the street. When May got to the vet clinic first time she was so stressed that she hid herself under a table and wouldnt go out even for cheese that she actually adores. The doctor said that she had been beaten as she was afraid of quick movements when people waved hands next to her head or loud speech. Unknown environment made her paralized with fear. But then she got used to warm bed, good food and regular walking on the leash. For about a month she has been living with a dog handler and now she knows different commands and is getting on well with all dogs. We dont know anything about cats but i think she can be taught to luve with them peacefully as the handler says she is really bright and quick at learning. May is a gentle human oriented girl. She loves walking, communicating with people and is perfectly ready to meet her family.

Report Animal Cruelty

If you think you have seen an animal being abused, please speak up! No animal deserves to suffer. If you have concerns for an animal please contact:


Coyotes in the community

Coyotes, like other wild animals, sometimes come into conflict with humans.

Since migrating to Ontario from the west over 100 years ago, coyotes have adapted well to urban environments and can now be found in both rural and urban settings. Changes in land use, agricultural practices, weather and natural food shortages may contribute to increased coyote sightings in your community.
click here to read more about how to keep safe in an encounter with a coyote

Coyote Sighting? Click Here

Wish i could take them all. Good thing for the humane society that the lost have somewhere to find their forever homes.
Tammy Johnson
Tammy Johnson
18:42 14 Mar 19
Pretty clean. They had around 12 dogs when I was there. They take care of them. Good space, and good outdoor space. This is a good facility.
Lisa Andrew
Lisa Andrew
03:59 07 Mar 19
Got my forever dog from here and couldn't be happier. he is a member of the family! thanks to the great staff here that gave our boy the love and affection he needed.. without them we would have never had our guy
Paul Chalmers
Paul Chalmers
15:48 21 Feb 19
The work they do here is so important
Dylan Lampshire
Dylan Lampshire
12:16 19 Jan 19
Got our wonder pooch from here back in June. She's a perfect fit. The vet tech we were dealing with was amazing and friendly. We put the application in on a Saturday morning and got the call just before they were closing for the day. Highly reccomend looking at the humane society for any animal you may want. They all deserve homes.
Kendra Napier
Kendra Napier
14:10 15 Jan 19
Very helpful staff. Compassionate. Really love their work.
Ken Bagshaw
Ken Bagshaw
22:33 12 Jan 19
The little doggy got free went around the block and went to school. They called Humane Society. Got doggy back. Thanks.
Kathy Anne Sabados
Kathy Anne Sabados
04:52 17 Nov 18