I wanted to thank you for finding and helping the new Chinese Crested Terrier dog addition to my family.  She arrived with her sister in Toronto Canada and was transferred to Niagara Falls in October 2018.  She has grown so much in the last few months.  She has just graduated from a class at Dave McMahon’s Dog Training Academy with her other dog friends to learn how to do things like sit and stay.  She is slowly learning not to be afraid.  She is a sweet girl and I am very grateful to have her.  When I adopted her name was ‘Gretel’.  I have renamed her.  She is now called ‘Moonstone’.  It is a name of a stone that means ‘strength and protection’.  I am attaching a picture of her when I first got her and one of how she looks now.  Moonstone’s sister was adopted as soon as they arrived at the Toronto airport.  I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to adopt Moonstone in Niagara Falls.
Thank you and the Rescue Agency in Russia for rescuing Gretel who is now Moonstone.