Hi Mayberry 4 Paws and Niagara Falls HS,

I was going through Dave’s adoption papers today and saw that both of your organizations like to receive updates for the animals for which you have cared once they have found their forever home.  

Erik and I (Valentina) brought Dave home on Oct 18, 2019. Since then Dave has made himself completely at home, has had some serious skin improvements and has put on about 15 lbs (hes a really muscular guy now!). He is amazing on leash and loves going on walks -and peeing on everything he can get his nose on. We have been working on some commands and have been able to get a successful “sit”, “down” and “wait” – food is an obsession for him , so the wait command is really put to the test at feeding times but he has finally got the trick!

He is a very playful, cuddly and loving boy and we are so happy he has joined our little family. Attached are a few of my favourite pictures from our past 4 months together.