I just wanted to report a lost dog from last night and was told this is the best way to let you know.

Jack jack went missing at about 8pm last night. We were there when he ran. We searched until about 10:30 last night. Have put out word on Facebook and since he is a new to us rescue let the rescue agency know as well who have been wonderful and are also helping us look.

He is a beagle/lab cross about 2 years old and 30lbs. Light brown with white on his paws and dark brown nose area.

He is a little timid around people but doesn’t bite (to our knowledge) and is FAST. What we know of his background is he was found in an industrial site in Georgia and lives being outside.

He’s wearing a blue collar. He slipped out of his harness in the back yard and hopped the fence while we were playing with him. Unfortunately we have only had him since weds and are in the middle of moving and haven’t gotten I’d tags yet however he is microchipped. He does respond already to his name Jack-jack.

I will include a photo of him as well. He was last seen by reports on Facebook on Thorold Stone Road by Gales Gas.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Rachel Limebeer