I am writing to report our cat Pickle as missing and would like to request having the following information/pics posted on the NFHS website:

Missing: Our Beloved Pickle
Pickle went missing around the Dorchester Rd. and Dunn St. area in Niagara Falls on Saturday night, August 31st. He’s an 8 yr. old short haired neutered male, somewhat overweight. His name is tattooed in his right ear and will answer to the name of ‘Pinky’ too.
He is new to the area and would spend most of his outdoor time in the backyard. Saturday night he went over to our neighbors to look around. We asked our neighbor if it was okay that he explore his lot and the neighbor was pleasant and said he was fine with it. We have not seen him since. He is a friendly cat and we think he may have gotten lost and sought out love, food and shelter from somewhere else.

Attached are photos of Pickle showing his distinctive features/markings.

If you have any leads on our cat, please phone or text us at 289-668-9108 or 647-640-4442.

Thank you for your help. – Rebecca Hunt