Foster Program

What is foster care?

The definition of “foster” is “to promote the growth and development of an individual”. Therefore, a foster family plays an important role in a critical time in an animal’s life. In addition to providing the animals with basic necessities such as food, water and shelter, it is the caregiver’s responsibility to nurture the animal to be a loving pet. A foster family must always be aware of the specific needs of the animal in their care. For example, the needs of a young animal are different than an older animal. For kittens and puppies, positive social interaction with people and other animals on a daily basis is critical. This allows the animal to develop into a friendly, confident and sociable pet. An older animal with an injury on the other hand may be adequately socialized, but may need to get medication daily and may have specific dietary and exercise requirements.

Animal Fostering Program

Foster Volunteers care for immature, mildly sick or injured animals, and animals in need of socialization. This program is perfect for those who may not be able to commit to an animal for its entire life. It is a way to volunteer for the NFHS in your own home. If you are interested in our Animal Fostering Program, please contact Cathy at or call 905-356-4404.

Join a Winning Team! Foster Care

Spring is an exciting time because it symbolizes a fresh start and rebirth, bringing on new life in the form of budding flowers, green grass, and blossoming trees. For those working in shelters, spring implies the arrival of kitten season. It’s the time of year when many shelters across Canada are overflowing with cats and kittens of all colours and sizes, from heavily pregnant cats to tiny orphaned kittens. This is in addition to the regular influx of cats, dogs, small mammals, and birds. Finding room for them all and accommodating their needs can be a challenge, especially when a shelter has limited space and resources. It is the mission of the Niagara Falls Humane Society to offer sanctuary to animals in need, whether abandoned, stray, neglected, or abused. As much as we, at the NFHS strive to provide a peaceful, safe and environmentally and socially enriched environment for animals in need, a shelter can be a stressful place for many animals, particularly for those animals that are expecting or nursing their young. Foster homes provide an invaluable service to shelters by taking care of special needs cases (e.g. nursing or pregnant cats, orphaned kittens and dogs in need of socialization or extra attention) in a quiet and comforting environment. The NFHS is eager to build a team of foster families who are willing to open their homes to provide a temporary respite for these animals before they are placed for adoption.

Foster care at the NFHS

Being a foster caregiver is a rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating and challenging at times. If you are prepared for a challenge and believe you have what it takes to be a responsible and effective foster family, please consider becoming a member of the NFHS Foster Care Team. For more information on how to participate in the NFHS Foster Program, please call Cathy at 905-356-4404 or email Enriching the lives of the animals in our care is what we strive to do; with your help we can make the transition from an unwanted or ill animal to loved pet a smooth and positive one.