Success Stories

If you would like to share your success story about an animal adopted from NFHS, please email Cathy at

Hey guys,
Just wanted to share an update on sloth and his adorable picture. He's doing well and is very happy, thanks again for nursing him back to health so he could be adopted.


Dear Team at the NFHS;

Yesterday was Tyra´s first day in her new home. She seemed to settle in very well after the initial stress of getting her here. Tyra likes her catnip fish and enjoys chasing her toys. Wet food is a big success.

Thank you for looking after Tyra so well while she was housed at the shelter.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy New Year. Merry Christmas too!

Carol and David

Hi there!

We just wanted to send you an update on how Sully(Jack) is doing in his new home. Jack is living the dream! Every day we go on long adventures to the beach or through the woods and greet everyone we see. He loves children, adults and other dogs. He has good house manners and goes in his crate by himself to chew on his bone. He is showing his retriever side as he loves to fetch and retrieve the ball over and over again! He also dove into the lake and grabbed a stick that was out there, I can see summer is going to be a lot of fun with him around! He is such a great dog we feel really lucky to have found him. He is definitely an ambassador for pet adoption as everyone has been asking where they can find such a gorgeous furry gentleman. I tell them..adopt don't shop!

Check out the NFHS! name is Finnigan Mooney
( previously Darius) and I am so happy in my forever home

Sam who is now named Levie, is a very happy kitten, he loves the dogs and playing with his 3 year old brother Vinny especially at 1am. He sleeps and eats all day, and likes to tease his doggy friends because the dogs just want to play but know they will get in trouble. Levie is quit a character but loving his new home and furry friends