Success Stories

If you would like to share your success story about an animal adopted from NFHS, please email Cathy at

Alli is sharing her bed with her new sister Sophie.
Ms. Walker as she was known to you. Lovely dog.

Hello to all Staff at the Niagara Humane Society!
Just sending all you awesome people an update on Ursula's new home. I have renamed her SASHA.
She has adapted just awesome, and is such a cuddler! She is loving all the play room, toys and loving from myself and my mother.
I've attached a few photos of her in her new forever home for you to enjoy.
You all are such wonderful people and was impressed by the care you take with the animals. Sasha is the best! I can't imagine not having her in the family now. Such a wonderful fur baby! Keep up the awesome work!

Hi this is Todd ,My family adopted pebbles. We have decided to keep her name as pebbles. She has become a part of the family the moment we brought her home. She has adapted very well to her new environment and all our wonderful family and neighbors. She gets along with everyone as well as other dogs we know. She has been a pleasure to have around the house. We can't thank you enough for letting our family adopt pebbles.

We adopted Tessa from the NFHS on the 20th of December and we can not be more happy with her!
She was not responding to Tessa and we were not overly fond of the name so we changed it to Freya which she is somewhat responding to now. :D
We have taken so many pictures of her and our other dog Cricket and they just play and play and play all day!
I hope it is not too early to send pictures.
I also hope it is okay to send pictures of Freya and her sister Cricket.
Freya is such a sweet dog, we are so happy to welcome her into our house and could not be more pleased with how well she is adapting to her surroundings and her sibling.
Thank you very much for doing what you do to help these dogs, without you we would never have such a wonderful dog.

Hey guys,
Just wanted to share an update on sloth and his adorable picture. He's doing well and is very happy, thanks again for nursing him back to health so he could be adopted.