Success Stories

If you would like to share your success story about an animal adopted from NFHS, please email Cathy at

Good morning everyone!

It's me Oscar! I've been with my new family for 2 weeks now and I am fitting in beautifully. I have my own fluffy bed and toys to play with.

I love to go on my daily walks with my family but I don't like when my boys get too far ahead on their bikes. Man, they're fast!! I like to meet other dog friends and their humans on our walks too...but not squirrels...squirrels are evil, my new human brother calls them tree rats.

On weekends we go for car rides (I love car rides) to a different house. My brothers call them grandma and opa. They love dogs too, they have a friend for me and a big yard to play in. They also have a big cage like thing with these weird feathery things that lay eggs. I don't think they like me much but they're just so funny looking I can't stop sniffing them.

At the end of these busy days I have it's nice to relax with my new family. I help to tuck my brothers in bed and kiss them goodnight. Then I'm ready to sleep and wake up to see what a new day brings.

Talk to you soon


Meghan Markle known known as Mocha ,chilling on a rainy day...watching t.v.

Hello, everyone at NFHS!

Jimmy is doing great. He's a wonderful and sweet dog and I can't believe he wasn't adpoted sooner! He adjusted really quick to me and just loves to steal the attention of everyone he meets. He loves going to the beach and hiking.There is never a dull moment with him, he seems to have endless energy. I'm so lucky to have him he is very lovable and loyal! I couldn't have asked for a better addition to the family!


Just wanted to say thank you for helping us complete our home with the edition of Jax who now goes by the name Eddie. He has had a very smooth transition to his new home and he´s settled in and loving life.

He is very well behaved and loves his family. He´s been going for walks and runs and loves spending time with his brother and sister. We couldn´t be happier, and by the way he wags his tail and follows us around I´d say he´s happy too!

I´ve attached some pictures! He´s the perfect dog, so happy and well behaved.

Thank you for everything you´ve done and continue to do!

Darren Williams

Happily ever after!
Happily ever after!
Hi everyone at NFHS!
We just wanted to let you know how ‘Cliff´ aka ‘Vincent´ - now known as ‘Archie´ is doing. We adopted Archie April 11/18 from the “For the Love of Cats” location and couldn´t be happier!
Even after a longish car ride (to Toronto) and a brand new home, Archie was happy and purring immediately upon arrival. After a period of adjustment (and some yummy wet food), we let him meet his two new cat- brothers (Gazu and Pirate) and cat- sister (Tabatha). Archie was so calm and relaxed and made himself right at home! With just a couple of minor growls and guarding, all 4 are now very peacefully co-existing.
In fact, I´m attaching a photo of Archie cuddled up with Gazu on his second day of being here! What a doll…. Anyone who says “cats don´t like other cats” and are hesitant to adopt a second one, I say “check this out!”. The kitties at “For the Love of Cats” - all living together (with a few minor exceptions) - are proof that cats can adapt to the company of other cats, and often really enjoy having other cats around. These 4 cats bring us so much joy and love, and I say to anyone out there who can adopt a cat - don´t wait! They bring so much love, humour, affection, and entertainment to your life - waaaaay better than television! :)

Thanks to all the volunteers at For the Love of Cats, particularly Brendan who knows every cat by name and by personality :)

Kimberly & Jonathan